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Analog and digital multimeters. Laboratory multimeters.

Multimeter - the electronic measuring meter, which unites before itself several functions. Before the minimum collection these are voltmeter, ammeter and ohmmeter. Before our catalog as digital multimeters, so also analog are represented. Besides the wide selection of the light movable multimeters, utilized for the base measurements and the search for malfunctions, are complex stationary multimeters (laboratory), with many possibilities. The portable models of multimeters have a word length of 3,5 digital discharges and is above, and accuracy from 0,1%. Before the represented models of multimeters, are accessible the following functions:

   - the measurement of a constant/alternating voltage from 400 mV to 1000 V
   - the measurement of direct/alternating current from 42µA to 10 A
   - the measurement of resistance down 100M[Om]
   - signaling test - measurement of electrical resistance with the signaling of the low resistance of chain.
   - the test of diodes - checking the integrity of semiconductor diodes and their is presence “forward voltage”.
   - the measurement of electrical capacitance.
   - the measurement of inductance.
   - the measurement of the temperature
   - the measurement of the frequency of harmonic signal.

Precision multimeters Of transmille
Digital laboratory multimeters Of hioki
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Digital portable multimeters Of hioki
Analog multimeters HT Of italia
Analog multimeters Of hioki

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